Fujairah Free Zone Visa Types with Cost for Freelancers, Investors & Family

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Welcome to Dubai Silicon Oasis (DSO), the thriving hub of innovation and technology in the heart of Dubai! If you’re a freelancer, investor, or have dreams of bringing your family to this dynamic city, we’ve got you covered with our Comprehensive Guide on DSO visa types and costs.

As freelancers, we understand the importance of flexibility and independence. That’s why we’ll outline the requirements and costs for obtaining a Freelancer Visa at DSO. Discover how this visa can open doors to endless opportunities in one of the world’s most innovative environments.

For aspiring investors, we’ll delve into the Investment Opportunities available at DSO and break down the requirements for an Investor Visa. Explore how you can be part of the ever-expanding ecosystem that nurtures groundbreaking ideas.

And if you’re longing to reunite with your loved ones in this vibrant city, we’ll walk you through the process of obtaining a Family Visa. Discover how easy it is to create lasting memories together in this thriving technological haven.

Fujairah Free Zone offers an array of visa types catering to freelancers, investors, and families. Understanding the cost associated with the Fujairah free zone visa types for these groups becomes crucial, as it effectively depicts the feasibility of working or relocating to this vibrant zone.

Are you a freelancer looking to establish yourself in Fujairah? This article covers the various visa types and costs within the Fujairah Free Zone, providing valuable information for investors and families as well. Explore the opportunities offered by the Fujairah Free Zone visa types, catering specifically to freelancers, investors, and families.

Fujairah Free Zone offers a range of visa options catering specifically to freelancers, investors, and families. This comprehensive directory covers the different visa types and associated costs, providing valuable information to those interested in securing their visa in this thriving economic hub.

We’ll also provide valuable insights on visa renewal and extension processes while offering a comparison of different visa types and their associated costs. So join us as we embark on this journey through DSO’s visa landscape – where innovation knows no bounds!

Fujairah Free Zone, known for its attractive visa options, offers a range of visa types which are cost-effective and suitable for freelancers, investors, and their families.

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Freelancer Visa: Requirements and Cost

If you’re a freelancer looking to work in Dubai Silicon Oasis (DSO), you’ll be thrilled to know that the requirements and cost for the Freelancer Visa aren’t just affordable but also straightforward.

The application process for the freelancer visa is relatively simple and can be completed within a reasonable timeframe. Once you’ve gathered all the necessary documents, including your passport, proof of freelance work, and a No Objection Certificate from your current sponsor if applicable, you can submit your application online or through an authorized typing center.

The timeline for processing the freelancer visa application typically ranges from 5 to 7 working days. This quick turnaround time allows freelancers to start their work in DSO promptly.

One of the main benefits and advantages of obtaining a freelancer visa is that it provides individuals with legal permission to work independently without needing a local sponsor. This flexibility empowers freelancers to take full control of their careers while enjoying the vibrant business environment in Dubai Silicon Oasis.

Now let’s move on to discussing the investor visa: Investment Opportunities and requirements. With various investment options available, entrepreneurs have ample opportunities to contribute to Dubai’s thriving economy.

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Investor Visa: Investment Opportunities and Requirements

Invest in the opportunities available and meet the requirements to secure an investor visa. Dubai Silicon Oasis (DSO) offers a range of Investment Opportunities for individuals looking to establish or expand their business ventures. As an investor, you can take advantage of DSO’s Strategic Location, state-of-the-art infrastructure, and supportive business environment.

To qualify for an investor visa in DSO, there are certain requirements that need to be met. Firstly, you must invest a minimum amount as stipulated by DSO Authority. The specific investment amount varies depending on the nature and scale of your business. Additionally, you’ll need to provide a detailed business plan showcasing your proposed activities and financial projections.

Investing in DSO not only provides access to a thriving market but also grants numerous benefits such as tax exemptions and simplified procedures. Furthermore, investors can enjoy networking opportunities with like-minded entrepreneurs and access to world-class facilities.

By fulfilling the necessary requirements and investing in one of the many lucrative sectors within DSO, you can obtain an investor visa that allows you to live and work in this innovative hub.

Now let’s move on to the next section about ‘family visa: bringing your loved ones to DSO’ where we explore how you can bring your family along on this exciting journey without any hassle.

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Family Visa: Bringing Your Loved Ones to DSO

To bring your loved ones to the vibrant community of Dubai Silicon Oasis, you can easily obtain a visa that allows them to join you on this exciting journey. The Family Visa Benefits offered by DSO make it a seamless process for bringing your dependents to this innovative hub.

Not only will they get to experience the countless opportunities and amenities available here, but they will also be able to explore the thriving tech ecosystem that Dubai Silicon Oasis has become known for.

The process for bringing dependents is straightforward and well-documented. As an expatriate working or living in DSO, you can sponsor your spouse, children, parents, or domestic helpers for a family visa. You’ll need to provide certain documents such as passports, marriage certificates (if applicable), birth certificates of children (if applicable), and proof of relationship with other dependents.

Once approved, your loved ones will be able to join you in this dynamic community and enjoy all the advantages it offers. From world-class education institutions and healthcare facilities to recreational activities and cultural events, DSO ensures that families have access to everything they need for a fulfilling life.

As we transition into the subsequent section about the visa renewal and extension process at Dubai Silicon Oasis, it’s important to understand how simple it is to continue enjoying these benefits without any interruption.

Visa Renewal and Extension Process

Renewing and extending your visa at Dubai Silicon Oasis is a straightforward process that ensures you can continue to enjoy the vibrant community and all its amenities without any interruption.

The visa renewal process involves submitting the necessary documents, such as a valid passport, application form, Emirates ID, and proof of residency in DSO. It’s important to start the renewal process well in advance to avoid any last-minute complications.

When it comes to visa extension fees, they vary depending on the type of visa and duration. For freelancers, investors, and their families, the cost for extending their visas will depend on factors such as the length of extension required. It’s advisable to consult with the relevant authorities or immigration consultants for accurate information regarding specific fees.

Once your visa renewal or extension is approved, you can proceed with exploring more about the different types of visas available at Dubai Silicon Oasis. Understanding the comparison of visa types and costs will help you make an informed decision based on your individual needs and requirements.

Renewing or extending your visa at Dubai Silicon Oasis is a simple process that allows you to maintain uninterrupted access to this innovative community. Now let’s dive into comparing various visa types and their associated costs.

Comparison of Visa Types and Costs

When considering the pros and cons of freelancer, investor, and family visas in Dubai Silicon Oasis (DSO), it’s important to weigh the benefits and limitations of each.

The cost comparison between different visa types will also play a significant role in decision-making.

Factors such as residency requirements, employment opportunities, and family considerations should be taken into account when choosing the right visa type for your needs.

Pros and cons of freelancer, investor, and family visas

Imagine living in Dubai Silicon Oasis with your family, where you can enjoy the benefits of a freelancer visa, investor visa, or family visa. Each type of visa has its own advantages and disadvantages.

A freelancer visa allows you to work independently and have more flexibility in choosing your projects. You have the freedom to work from anywhere and set your own hours. However, it may be challenging to find clients and establish a stable income.

On the other hand, an investor visa offers numerous benefits such as access to business opportunities and potential for high returns on investment. However, it requires a significant financial commitment and involves certain risks.

Lastly, a family visa allows you to bring your loved ones with you to Dubai Silicon Oasis. It provides stability and a sense of belonging but may require additional paperwork and financial responsibilities.

Now let’s explore the cost comparison between different visa types without losing sight of our desire for innovation.

Cost comparison between different visa types

Get ready to compare the expenses associated with different types of visas so you can make an informed decision that suits your budget and goals.

Here is a breakdown of the costs for various Visa types in Dubai Silicon Oasis (DSO):

  1. Freelancer Visa: The Visa application process for freelancers in DSO requires a fee of AED 4,350. This type of visa offers flexibility and allows you to work independently.
  2. Investor Visa: To apply for an investor visa, you need to pay a fee of AED 5,100. This visa type provides benefits such as the ability to establish your own business and sponsor your family members.
  3. Family Visa: If you want to bring your family members to DSO, the cost for a family visa is AED 2,000 per dependent. This visa allows your loved ones to join you and enjoy the opportunities available in DSO.
  4. Dependent Visa: For each additional dependent added under any visa category, there is an additional fee of AED 500.

Consider these costs when choosing the right visa type for your needs and explore other factors before making a final decision on which option aligns best with your aspirations and financial capabilities.

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Factors to consider when choosing the right visa type for your needs

Consider various factors that are crucial in determining the right visa type for your specific needs and goals. When applying for a visa in Dubai Silicon Oasis (DSO), it’s essential to understand the Visa Application Process and its requirements.

Each visa type has its own set of criteria, so it’s important to choose one that aligns with your objectives.

Another factor to consider is the duration and validity of the visa. Depending on your needs, you may opt for a short-term or long-term visa. Freelancers and investors may require different lengths of stay, so it’s crucial to select a visa that suits your intended duration.

Additionally, take into account any potential future plans or opportunities. If you foresee expanding your business or bringing family members along, ensure that the chosen visa allows for such flexibility.

By carefully evaluating these factors, you can make an informed decision when selecting the right Dubai Silicon Oasis (DSO) visa type for your individual circumstances.


In conclusion, Dubai Silicon Oasis (DSO) offers a range of visa options for freelancers, investors, and families. Each visa type has its own requirements and costs.

The Freelancer Visa allows individuals to work independently in DSO, while the Investor Visa provides investment opportunities.

Families can also join their loved ones through the Family Visa.

It’s important to understand the renewal and extension process to maintain legal status in DSO.

By comparing the different visa types and costs, individuals can make informed decisions about their stay in this vibrant technology hub.

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What is Dubai Silicon Oasis (DSO) visa?

DSO visa is a special residency visa type that allows freelancers, investors and their families to live and work in Dubai Silicon Oasis, a technology park and free zone in Dubai.

Who is eligible for DSO visa?

Freelancers, entrepreneurs, investors and their family members (spouse and children) who operate within the technology sector are eligible for DSO visa.

What are the different types of DSO visa available for freelancers, investors and family members?

The different DSO visa types available are

What is the cost for DSO Freelance Visa?

For DSO Freelance Visa, the cost for the first year is AED 4,620 and for the second year is AED 7,350.

What is the cost for DSO Investor Visa?

For DSO Investor Visa, the cost for the first year is AED 8,550 and for the second year is AED 11,380.

What is the cost for DSO Family Visa?

For DSO Family Visa, the cost is AED 1,050 per family member.

What are the documents required for DSO visa application?

The documents required for DSO visa application include passport copies, visa application form, valid UAE residency visa, bank statements, attested academic and professional certificates, health insurance.

Is there any minimum income requirement for DSO Freelance Visa?

Yes, the minimum annual income required for DSO Freelance Visa is AED 10,000.

Is it mandatory to have a local sponsor for DSO visa application?

No, it is not mandatory to have a local sponsor for DSO visa application.

How long does it take to get DSO visa?

It usually takes around 2-3 weeks to get DSO visa.

Can DSO visa holders sponsor their family members?

Yes, DSO visa holders can sponsor their family members for family visa to live and work in Dubai Silicon Oasis.

Is DSO visa renewable?

Yes, DSO visa is renewable on an annual basis, subject to meeting renewal requirements.

Can DSO visa holders work outside Dubai Silicon Oasis?

Yes, DSO visa holders can work outside Dubai Silicon Oasis, provided they have necessary work permits from the respective authorities.

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