SAIF Zone Visa Types with Cost for Freelancers, Investors & Family

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Welcome to our Comprehensive Guide on Jebel Ali Free Zone (JAFZA) Visa Types with Cost for Freelancers, Investors, and Family. Whether you are a freelancer looking to establish your business in one of the most thriving economic zones or an investor seeking lucrative opportunities, JAFZA offers a range of visa options tailored to meet your specific needs.

In this article, we will delve into the intricacies of each visa type, providing you with all the necessary information to make informed decisions. From the Freelancer Visa that empowers individuals to work independently within the free zone to the Investor Visa designed for those looking to invest in JAFZA’s dynamic business environment, we have got you covered.

Moreover, we will explore the Family Visa option which allows eligible dependents to join their loved ones and enjoy all that JAFZA has to offer. Additionally, we will discuss visa renewal and extension procedures so that you can plan ahead.

By comparing these visa types side by side, we aim to equip our audience with valuable insights into choosing the right visa category that aligns with their aspirations.

In addition to exploring the flourishing business opportunities and investment potential in the bustling SAIF Zone, this article sheds light on the saif zone visa types with cost for freelancers, investors & family. Discover the visa options specifically designed to accommodate the needs of various individuals seeking professional flexibility or aiming to expand their ventures.

The SAIF Zone provides a range of visa options tailored specifically for freelancers, investors, and families. Understanding the saif zone visa types with cost is crucial when planning your residence or investment in this thriving business hub.

SAIF Zone offers a range of visa types tailored to the needs of freelancers, investors, and families. Understanding the associated costs is crucial for those wishing to take advantage of the saif zone visa types with the flexibility and benefits they provide.

Join us on this innovative journey as we unravel JAFZA’s world of possibilities!

Freelancers, investors, and families are drawn to the range of visa types offered at SAIF Zone, making it an ideal destination for diverse demographics seeking to capitalize on the benefits provided by Sharjah Airport International Free Zone.

Freelancers, investors, and families look to explore the lucrative opportunities at Sharjah Airport International Free Zone (SAIF Zone). Understanding visa types and associated costs helps them navigate through the potential benefits this vibrant economic hub provides.

If you’re a freelancer, investor, or simply relocating your family, exploring the visa types and their costs within the context of the commercially vibrant Sharjah Airport International Free Zone (SAIF Zone) should provide you with valuable insights.

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Freelancer Visa

The freelancer visa in JAFZA is a great option for individuals looking to establish their own business without the need for a local sponsor. It provides freelancers with the flexibility and freedom to work on various projects and clients within the free zone.

To obtain a freelancer visa, there are specific requirements that need to be fulfilled. Firstly, applicants must provide a valid passport with at least six months of validity remaining. They also need to submit their educational certificates, professional experience documents, and bank statements as proof of financial stability. In addition, freelancers must have a minimum of two reference letters from previous clients or employers.

Once all the necessary documents are submitted and approved, freelancers can benefit from numerous advantages offered by JAFZA. These include 100% foreign ownership, zero corporate tax for 50 years, no customs duty on imports or exports, and access to state-of-the-art infrastructure and facilities.

Moving on to the next section about investor visas…

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Investor Visa

Investor visas in JAFZA come with different price tags depending on your business goals. As an entrepreneur, you have a plethora of Investment Opportunities within the free zone.

Whether you are looking to establish a new venture or expand your existing business, JAFZA offers a range of options to suit your needs.

To obtain an investor visa, there are certain business requirements that need to be met. These include a minimum capital requirement and the submission of a comprehensive business plan outlining your investment objectives. It’s crucial to provide detailed financial projections and demonstrate the potential for growth and innovation in your chosen industry.

The cost of an investor visa varies depending on the type of company you wish to establish or invest in. For example, setting up a new company will incur different expenses compared to acquiring an existing one. Additionally, the specific activities you plan to undertake may also impact the overall cost.

With JAFZA’s commitment to fostering innovation and entrepreneurship, obtaining an investor visa can unlock numerous opportunities for success.

Once we have explored this option further, we will transition into discussing family visas and their associated benefits without skipping any crucial steps.

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Family Visa

Bringing our family to JAFZA is an important consideration for many of us who are looking to relocate and work in the free zone. Understanding the sponsorship and eligibility requirements for a family visa is crucial to ensure a smooth process.

Additionally, it’s essential to be aware of the cost and duration of the visa, as these factors play a significant role in our decision-making process.

Bringing Your Family to JAFZA

If you’re a freelancer or investor at JAFZA, you’ll be thrilled to know that bringing your family along is totally possible! Here are some key details to keep in mind:

  1. Accommodation options for families in JAFZA: JAFZA offers a range of residential options suitable for families, including villas and apartments with modern amenities.
  2. Education and healthcare facilities for families in JAFZA: There are excellent schools and medical centers within the free zone, ensuring easy access to quality education and healthcare services for your family.
  3. Family-friendly amenities and activities: JAFZA provides numerous recreational facilities like parks, playgrounds, sports clubs, and shopping centers that cater to the needs of families.
  4. Strong community support: Being part of the JAFZA community means having access to a supportive network of fellow professionals who understand the unique challenges faced by expat families.

With these factors in mind, let’s now delve into the sponsorship and eligibility requirements for bringing your family to JAFZA.

Sponsorship and Eligibility Requirements

Moreover, individuals interested in relocating their families to JAFZA must meet certain requirements for sponsorship and eligibility. To be eligible for sponsorship, the individual must hold a valid employment visa issued by JAFZA. They must also have a minimum monthly salary of AED 10,000 if they are sponsoring their spouse or children, and AED 20,000 if they are sponsoring their parents. In addition, they must provide proof of accommodation that meets JAFZA’s standards. The sponsor is responsible for all financial obligations related to the family member’s stay in JAFZA, including healthcare and schooling expenses. It is important to note that sponsorship requirements may vary depending on the specific circumstances and type of visa being applied for.

Moving on to the next section about the cost and duration of the visa…

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Cost and Duration of the Visa

To fully enjoy your time in JAFZA, you’ll be delighted to know that the cost and duration of the visa are both reasonable and convenient. The visa processing time is efficient, ensuring that you can start your work or business activities in a timely manner.

Additionally, the visa application fee is affordable, making it accessible for freelancers, investors, and their families. This allows individuals to easily obtain the necessary documentation to pursue their innovative endeavors within JAFZA.

However, it’s important to note that visas have a specific duration and need to be renewed or extended accordingly. In the subsequent section about ‘visa renewal and extension’, we will provide further details on this process without missing a beat.

Visa Renewal and Extension

When you need to renew or extend your JAFZA visa, there are certain procedures and costs that you should be aware of.

The visa renewal process is relatively straightforward, but it’s important to start the process well in advance of your visa’s expiration date to avoid any complications. To renew your JAFZA visa, you’ll need to submit an application form along with the required documents, such as a valid passport, proof of employment or business ownership in the free zone, and a recent medical fitness certificate. The cost for renewing your JAFZA visa will depend on the type of visa you hold and its duration.

If you wish to extend the duration of your JAFZA visa beyond its original validity period, you’ll also need to follow a similar procedure. However, please note that extending the duration of your visa may incur additional costs.

Comparing visa types can help freelancers, investors, and their families determine which option best suits their needs. By understanding the different requirements and costs associated with each type of JAFZA visa, individuals can make informed decisions about their immigration status in Jebel Ali Free Zone.

Comparing Visa Types

Ready to explore the different visa options available in JAFZA? Let’s dive into comparing the various types and find the perfect fit for you.

When it comes to visa requirements in JAFZA, it’s essential to understand the different types available. The most common visa types include the Freelancer Visa, Investor Visa, and Family Visa. Each visa has its own set of requirements and benefits.

The Freelancer Visa is designed for individuals who wish to work independently in JAFZA. To apply for this visa, you need to provide proof of your professional qualifications, a detailed business plan, and evidence of financial stability. This visa allows you to operate as a freelancer within the free zone.

On the other hand, an Investor Visa is suitable for those looking to establish their own business or invest in an existing company in JAFZA. The application process involves submitting a comprehensive business proposal along with supporting documents such as financial statements and bank references.

Lastly, if you’re planning to bring your family with you to JAFZA, the Family Visa enables you to sponsor your spouse and children. The requirements include providing proof of the relationship and demonstrating sufficient financial means to support them during their stay.

Regardless of which visa type you choose, it’s crucial to familiarize yourself with the specific requirements and follow the proper application process. By doing so, you can ensure a smooth transition into life at JAFZA while enjoying all its innovative opportunities.


In conclusion, we’ve provided a comprehensive overview of the different visa types available in Jebel Ali Free Zone (JAFZA) and their associated costs for freelancers, investors, and families.

It’s essential to understand the specific requirements and fees before applying for a visa. Whether you’re a freelancer seeking opportunities, an investor looking to establish your business, or planning to bring your family along, JAFZA offers various options to cater to your needs.

Remember to stay updated on visa renewal and extension processes as well.

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What types of visas are available for freelancers, investors and family in JAFZA?

JAFZA offers employment visas, family visas, and dependent visas for freelancers and investors.

How much does it cost to apply for a freelancer visa in JAFZA?

The cost of applying for a freelancer visa in JAFZA is AED 3,480 to AED 8,570 depending on the proposed activity and the number of visas required.

Can investors apply for a visa for their family members in JAFZA?

Yes. Investors in JAFZA can sponsor visas for their family members, including spouses, children, and parents.

How much does it cost to apply for a family visa in JAFZA?

The cost of applying for a family visa in JAFZA is AED 3,240 to AED 5,380 depending on the type of visa.

What is the process to apply for a dependent visa in JAFZA?

The process to apply for a dependent visa in JAFZA involves submitting a sponsorship application to the relevant governmental authority.

How long does it take to process a JAFZA visa application?

The processing time for JAFZA visa applications varies depending on the type of visa, but it usually takes around 5-10 working days.

Can JAFZA visa holders travel outside of the UAE?

Yes. JAFZA visa holders can travel outside of the UAE, but they may need to obtain a re-entry permit if their visa is valid for less than 6 months.

Is it possible to convert a visitor visa to a work visa in JAFZA?

It is unlikely, as visitor visas are issued for tourism purposes only and not for working. Visa holders may need to exit the UAE and apply for a JAFZA work visa from overseas.

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